Steel fans with polished or plated finishing require more maintenance than painted finishes. This is especially noticeable in harsher environments such as coastal or riverside locations, near pools (including indoor rooms next to pools), where dense garden foliage is nearby and areas of poor natural ventilation.   Painted finishes are not as susceptible to early

Cleaning Stainless Steel Fans

People often think that if a product is made of stainless steel then it will be completely stain free. However this is not the case, Stainless Steel is not “stain free” or “corrosion proof.” The amount will vary depending on the conditions the product is put into, but you can help prevent tea stains and

Cleaning Fans

*Always ensure the fan is completely switched off and has cooled down before you start cleaning.* Always use soft cloths to clean blades and motor housings to avoid scratching painted and plated finishes. Ideally your fan should be cleaned every 3 to 4 months.

General Fan Maintenance

It's important to switch off the fan completely before performing any maintenance. Below are more in depth ways to keep your ceiling fan looking good and lasting longer.